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Re: Does It Get Better???

One Small Step: Quite a moving episode, I must say! Wonderfully paced, I loved hearing/seeing the journey of the astronaut, and was deeply moved by his tragic demise.

The Voyager Conspiracy: Quite an interesting episode. For awhile I actually believed a conspiracy was afloat. Very good.

Pathfinder: TNG CROSSOVER!!! Not only that, but we got to see one of my favorite guests from TNG, Barclay, along with Troi. This was one of the most memorable episodes of the series' run. As always, Barclay found a way to gain my sympathy, and I rooted for him the entire episode! Loved the ending when they contacted Voyager and Barclay redeemed himself, really wonderful!

Fair Faven: Creative premise, some nice Janeway/Sullivan romance, pretty solid all around!

Blink of An Eye: Fell asleep halfway through...need to rewatch it at some point...

Virtuoso: Absurd premise, something I could see them doing on Trek cartoon for 8 year olds......but it had some good laughs, and some nice entertainment value.

Memorial: What a vile episode! The big reveal at the end was just terrible. How could these aliens make people relive such awful memories? I'd have been psychologically scarred had I been in Tom, Harry, Chakotay, or Neelix's shoes. There decision to not let it shut down was very misguided. Just dreadful...
In it's defense there were some very moving scenes, and lots of intense emotion. The action scenes were well done, and the actors gave it their all.
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