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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Well save that they had said they intended to air Yamato 2199 in 2013.

This remake is also not even close to being a rerun of the 1974 show. There is just too much different to consider that. I've heard this called the best remake ever as it improves on the original rather than dumbs it down to make it flashy like so many Hollywood remakes.

What it does have is a big name, and high sales from the theaters and BD sales. Essentally they are going about it in reverse of normal. Instead of TV, BD, Movie, they are going Movie, BD, TV.

If they maintain their current release pattern, the last "film" will come out around the same time the last episodes are suppose to air (depending on when in April they start). Maybe they will release Chapter 7 sooner? Maybe they will delay the episode releases until the "film" is out? We don't know yet.

We know that by the time the show starts airing on TV they will have 18 episodes done. By the current pattern they will have Chapter 6 done before they reach those episodes in August. The question is if they will have Chapter 7 done by September rather than October. Again depending on when in April they start (traditionally the first week or two, but some stations start later than others).
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