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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

6. Hugo (B+)

Continuing my revisiting of 2011, this Martin Scorsese film won 5 Oscars. On second viewing, this is a very odd duck in a lot of ways. The author of the book it's based on has admitted he structured the movie around telling the stories of George Melies, and that's clearly what attracted Scorsese to the project. The result is a "kids movie for adults", with various pros and cons. It's suffused with nostaglia for early filmmaking, and does a great job of making it look cool (I wouldn't be even slightly surprised if this ended up being cited as an inspiration by up-and-coming directors 20-30 years down the line), and there are a number of quite affecting dramatic moments. At the same time, the plot is rather meandering for a two-hour movie, and it feels like it's straining to have any kind of jeopardy in the climax. All those technical Oscars were well-deserved, because it looks fantastic. It's actually encouraging, on one level, to see a children's movie trusting kids can find this stuff engaging, but the pacing could have used a bit of fine-tuning.

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