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I would LOVE to have that much money. He'll, I don't even need that much. Half that much. Probably still be more than I'd need for anything.
One bitch bought 26 $90 plants and almost 60 $18 lavenders, along with TONS of other things to make her yard look a little nicer because she was selling it for $18 million. I think that's insane. There is a house next to the head of the habour and next to the famous lighthouse. I found a picture, right behind the lighthouse...

That house is $15.6 million. The most expensive house in Massachusetts history was trying to be sold for $58 million.

And the island is only decent to live on July-Mid-Ocotober.

I was only in one "rich" house, it probably wasn't that much, it was in a gated like community but no yards. Actually I was only in one non employee house. Open up any magazine and it had a design feel like I was in a set for a TV show. It was so incredibly boring! The only thing personal I remember was one of the bedrooms had some dog pictures and ribbons on the wall. But otherwise it looked like cheap wooden sea galls and fake fish and sailor shit. It looked ridiculous.

Nicest woman on the island is 92, stopped by all the time and would hit on me (A 26 year old gay guy), and would just try to get her garden too look nice. She just loved gardening. She also donated 126 acres of land to be used as a wildlife refuge. That's what I would do with that much money, give it back, let everyone enjoy it. I'd also have a kick ass house with a Lego room, and a Hess room. haha
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