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Re: Painters: Need help impressing a girl.

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As I mentioned in one or two other threads, I met a girl at the New Year's Eve party I went to, and things are going well. Going well as far as her and I interacting, anyway.

She's a painter, or was, anyway. While she loves it, she hasn't painted anything in over a year. Things have been rough for her lately. Among other things, a back injury kept her pretty much immobile for a good chunk of last year. She only recently recovered. Because of this, she hasn't felt inspired to paint. Me being the awesome person that I am, I've decided I'm going to help her get the inspiration back and get painting again.

For my first attempt, I want to surprise her with a basic set-up she'd need and try to get her to paint something on the spot. The problem is, I've never painted artistically before, so I don't know what I'm doing:

-- What supplies do I need to buy? Paint, canvas, brushes, and an easel obviously. What kind of paint should I get and what colors? What types of brushes might she want to use? I'd like to try to get stuff that's a little better than what she has (probably pretty basic), but I don't really need high-end stuff. I'm thinking I'd like to spend $200 or less, unless I need to spend more.

-- What do I need to do to get everything ready to use? I want her to be able to just walk up and start painting. How do I get the canvas ready? That kind of stuff.

-- What do I need to do to pull this off?

I'd imagine the people at the art store can help me with a lot of this, but maybe not all of it.

Given how my last thread about trying to impress a girl went:

Doubty McBuzzkill wrote:
It's too early in the relationship to be doing stuff like this. You're going to creep her out and she'll stop talking to you. Just do normal date stuff. Be a totally boring person and not yourself. Even though she's just as eccentric as you are, you should be normal and boring because that's what all women want men to be like because women are all the same and they want all men to be the same and you have no idea what you're doing.
I'm not asking if I should do this or if it's a good idea. It's totally a good idea and I'm going to do it. Even if I can't get her inspired and she doesn't paint anything, she will still love it if I do this. However, I am going to wait a bit. I should probably get a few more dates out of the way before I try something like this. Also, shut up, you have no idea what you're talking about, and I am awesome.

EDIT: About that previous thread. I told the girl involved what I was doing with the story. She said she picked up on it, through what I did was funny, and that it totally would have worked if that's what she was doing (i.e.: if she wasn't in a monogamous relationship). So, everyone who doubted me was wrong.
It's totally NOT a good idea, it's borderline stalker-y to just spring it on her.

Besides which, every artist is different- only she knows what types of paints, brushes, pallets, canvases, easels, etc. that she likes to use. Some artists like oils, some like acrylics. Every artist also has their own favorite brands of materials, their own favorite types and brands of brushes, etc.
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