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When I had tests done, the range printed on the sheet was <126. Since then, it's been lowered to <99. Personally, I think it's Big Pharm wanting money for meds. I don't understand this stuff as well. Always hated life sciences. I just want Hubby to take care of himself.

So, as someone well-familiar with diabetes, need he/I be worried?
His doctor is really the only one who can tell him that. What I do know is that 140 is pushing it, but isn't serious. He can likely go a long way to preventing type 2 simply by changing his diet and exercise habits. That doesn't work for everyone, and you did mention the genes are strong in his family, but at the very least he could delay the onset and avoid taking drugs for now -- possibly forever. That's one good thing about type 2, most type 2's have at least some power over it, at least to the degree to which their lifestyle is a contributing factor (and that degree varies from person to person). Type 1 is an autoimmune disease, on the other hand.

There are a lot of Big Pharma conspiracy theories in regards to diabetes. I used to sort of believe them myself, until I really thought about it and realized that they don't actually make sense. I recently read a very good article, dispelling Big Pharma conspiracy myths from a financial analysis perspective, using type 1 diabetes as an example. It's good reading, though, admittedly, it doesn't make a good argument agains conspiracy theories regarding type 2. I still highly doubt there are any. The shifting guidelines are due to the fact that these are extremely complex metabolic disorders, and, in the case of type 1, an extremely complex autoimmune disorder. Scientific medicine has really only been around for a couple of centuries, and science takes a long time -- they just don't know for sure where exactly to draw the lines, so they guidelines are determined by medical consensus, and they shift over time according to new evidence. Does this mean there's room for one or two of the MDs on the panel to snaffle a bit from Eli Lilly if they get the guidelines down by 20 mg/dl? Possibly...but in the end does it really make a difference? A doctor isn't going to recommend anything other than diet and lifestyle changes to someone running 90-140 anyway.

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