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Re: Minor BTTF Part Two question

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2015 was even worse.
Well, in Zemeckis' defense he didn't really want to do a movie in the future but his hands were tied based on the joke-ending he made for the original movie (where no sequel was intended otherwise he wouldn't have had Jennifer in the car.) So he went over the top with the future which, obviously, will be nothing like the real 2015 even if we overlook things like portable fusion devices and flying machines.
The 2015 sequences were my favorite part of all 3 movies. The movie really bogs down with the Alternate 1985 though, and retreads in the 1955 sequences horribly.

As for FX, there are literally like 20 seconds worth of FX I would say need fixing, particularly scenes which are clearly badly done model shots. Practically any CGI would do better today, and would cost them thousands. Pocket change compared to how much they would sell the enhanced Blu-Rays.
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