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I wonder about people who use designers to decorate. These designers go and buy all this stuff for the house, I'm talking decor, not new furniture which may be needed. Don't these people have anything they've collected which could be used? Who would want a house full of stuff that means nothing more than "It looks nice on the shelf/wall/table"? We have TONS of stuff to choose from, even if only some of it was used. And a lot of it is at least interesting to look at and is a part of us and our lives.
I lived on Nantucket Massachusetts for 5 months in the summer, Romney had a fundraiser there, so I'll explain it real simply how these rich people and their designers work.

They have several houses.

Honestly, they buy whatever they like, usually hand blown glass things and paintings and the rest they seem to go "I want it to look like this magazine". They have enough houses that some are used for living and some used to show off, however most have no personality, they need the designer to make up a personality for the home. I had to help people with landscaping because they were having their houses featured in magazines. They are in these houses maybe 20 days a year, tops, and they spend $500-$1,000 on a few plants (we over charged on everything), just to make it look decent for one picture. They just want fake fame.
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