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Re: "Best of both Worlds" - Special Bluray Release

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I've only skimmed the thread so maybe this question has been answered, but if they are making it a movie, how will they include the very end score of part 1. One of the reasons why that cliffhanger works so well is after you get "Mr. Worf, Fire", it cuts to To be Continued and you get that famous score. With the movie, it seemed like that would be lost.
Here's my version that I described above:

Link contained unknown malware and has been removed from all posts.

(NOTE: This is only a 3 minute clip and is for illustrative purposes only. It is my fair use comment on how the edit should be handled. 2012 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.)
Your recut handled the cliffhanger waaay better than the feature length version I had on VHS as a kid which cut right to the deflector beam firing.

Its a shame there really isnt a way of having the entire cue in the feature edit, its easily the greatest one in TNG.

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