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Re: Django Unchained--Tarintino's new project

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One shocking fact I learned today about the film: In the scene where DiCaprio saws open the skull of his old family servant (supposedly to show the genetic inferiority of the black man), I was left wondering why his left hand was bleeding all over the place. Turns out he actually DID accidentally cut his own hand open with the saw (it wasn't in the script), and he just went with it in a paroxysm of method acting that so impressed QT he used that take in the film (yes, Kerry Washington got an unexpected faceful of REAL Leo blood).
I had a feeling the blood was real and that DiCaprio just went with it. What tipped me off was that they didn't show how he'd injured his hand.

Great movie, overall. Dragged a bit in the middle, but apart from that I enjoyed it quite a lot.
Loved how Samuel L. Jackson channeled Tuco there at the end. You just can't beat the ending of The Good the Bad an the Ugly.
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