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Re: Guillermo Del Toro's Justice League Dark?

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I think he was referring to what she wears under the catsuit.
If any female character in the DCU has been treated horribly, it has been Selina Kyle--she can't zip her suit up all the way apparently and despite her lifestyle seems to feel that lacy, sex bras are more practical than sportswear undergarments.
This version of Catwoman seems to equate her clothing to common bondage gear than to cat burglar attire.

I swear if DC thought they could get away with calling her BDSM-girl, they would.
I don't necessarily have a criticism with the actual story, other than the quality pales in comparison with her previous series, but I can't get past the art. I am embarrassed to read it around my wife and daughter who feel like it epitomizes every misogynist stereotype about comic books -- sorry if there are actually fans of the series here but that's just the way I feel.
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