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Re: Star Trek will be out of date soon!

When this reboot happens and Trek is again at the cutting edge it is likely that we will hate it and we will not relate to it but the target audience will. We will put old repeats of Trek on whilst our children and grandchildren are glued to the TV/Tablet/Computer in another room watching NEW NU-Trek in all its futuristic splendour whilst we realise that we are old Its like the music of the 40s vs the music of the 60s?!!?? Its all part of natural evolution! Trek has to adapt & change as well.

Spock will be a girl and Kirk will be gay. They are all Borg-like but without visible implants! And when they beam down to a planet they will wear Iron Man esque space suits that can do all sorts. Its coming people. Get ready for the post Abrams Trek of the 2020s. It has to change and it will, it is inevitable.
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