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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

I can't remember what I did with Crusade.. or whether it mattered. Just saying "Crusade" makes me want to do a rewatch though. But that's mainly because of the books.

Hey Crusade and Caprica should form a support group for one season spin off failures.

"My name is Caprica and I'm.. a dud. I admit I am powerless over the ratings."

Gemini: Did not see the ending coming. Though never a huge replicator fan it's a great relaunch of the storyline. A little disturbed at Carter's decisions. I could blame it on her getting Carter-R's hand stuck in her head but she made the decision to let Carter-R do that. What is it with people wanting to trust their Doppelgangers? Well Janeway didn't but it seems a common impulse to have extra sympathy just because someone looks like you. Even weirder if it's not alternative timeline/universe you but a machine!! I mean really Carter.. I'm kind of disappointed here. Is it that all your friends are males? Did some latent girlfriend gene get triggered and you lost your head when you saw Carter-R in that gorgeous coat? Pictured yourself out shopping with her?

And as to what O'Neill pictured..

"Damnit Spock. God damnit!" Kirk ST:V
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