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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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The Ice Warriors - I really enjyed ths one. The only Ice Warriors I was familiar with is the Pertwee Era Peladon Stories, so, this was nce to see their origins and see them as Villians (Though, not really villians persay, more like desperate and distrusting and making poor decisions).

Part 2 and 3 (the lost episodes) are mashed up into a single 17 minute Reconstruction, that's very easy to follow, as there is narration.

Do the Ice Warriors return again, or is this it until Peladon? I'd love to see them return in NuWho
There's The Seeds of Death between Ice Warriors and the Peladon pair. They would have been back in the 6th Doctor story Mission to Magnus if the original season 23 hadn't been cancelled (but you can get that as a Target novelisation or a Big Finish Missing Story CD). Beyond that, we're into the realm of rumours and spoilers....
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