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Re: So why doesn't Spock save Vulcan?

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He wouldn't save Vulcan by going back. He would just be creating a NEW timeline. Prime Vulcan would still be around. NuVulcan would be dead and NuNuVulcan would be saved.

I'm assuming these are the new time travel rules since Prime Vulcan is around.

edit: Now granted, Spock may not be aware of these new could anyone? Unless there are some differences he may have discovered.
No, the Star Trek universe admits of BOTH branching and single-timeline time-travel.

Slingshot time-travel (and a few other methods) keeps you in the same universe. In Star Trek IV, City on the Edge of Forever, etc., the narrative depends strongly on time travel involving changes to only one timeline.

There aren't "new rules of time travel" in the Trek universe. Rather, we have discovered that there is at least one additional method to time travel which results in a branching timeline.
NOTE: Mirror Universes are a little bit different since these branches are not created by a temporal incursion, but are rather preexisting timelines which we have occasionally visited (e.g., the Enterprise did not create an evil mirror universe in Mirror Mirror, but accidentally traveled to one).

The nuTrek universe has all the same physical laws as the old Trek Universe. Consider for example that complex formulas which depend upon finely grained balancing of physical laws still work in the nuTrek universe (e.g., impulse engines still work, warp drive still works, Scotty's delicate formula for transwarp beaming from the prime universe works in the nuVerse) and we obviously still have gravity, the weakforce, electromagnetism, oxygen, etc., etc. At the very least, the burden of proof falls on the person claims that this universe does NOT have the same physical laws as the prime universe.

From Spock's vantage point (which does not include narrative rules from Bob Orci or fanwanks about modified rules of time travel), he has every reason to believe the sling-shot method would work. And he has every reason to attempt it. Why save Earth, but not Vulcan?
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