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Re: Star Trek will be out of date soon!

I do think that eventually it will be necessary to reboot Star Trek from the ground up -- not just do an alternate timeline in the same reality, but completely start over and build a new version of the universe from first principles -- in order for future generations to relate to it. And I don't understand why many fans are so resistant to that. What's important about Star Trek isn't the minutiae of continuity or worldbuilding, but the characters and themes and ideas, the spirit of adventure and sense of wonder. In its day, ST was on the cutting edge, not only in its futurism but its social progressiveness, its dramatic sophistication (it was the first non-anthology SF series to be written on the same level as the adult dramas of the era), and its daring sexuality. By the '90s and '00s it had become the stolid, conservative establishment franchise that new upstarts like Babylon 5 and the rebooted Battlestar Galactica were pushing beyond and deconstructing. Now it's increasingly seen as retro and nostalgic. Which doesn't seem right for a franchise that's about looking forward to the future. It would be good to have a Star Trek that was as much on the cutting edge for its own era as TOS was for the '60s.
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