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Re: whatever happened to these characters?

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If there was a preexisting first name for a character that appeared on screen without one, Michael and I tried to use it, no matter the source.
Yeah... I'm not too fond of the practice of just giving the character the actor's first name, although I have done variants (like "Vaylin Zaand" for Billy Van Zandt's Rhaandarite character from TMP, or Marcella DiFalco for Marcie Lafferty's character). And in the case of DeSalle, I've known "Vincent DeSalle" from the Concordance for so long that I didn't even realize it was non-canonical until I saw him called "Michael" in TSoE.

Hey, remember the old pre-Pocket days when the fans decided that Sulu's first name was Walter? I'm not sure whether that was widespread, but it was in the old Best of Trek fanzine anthologies (along with "Penda Uhura"). Even after The Entropy Effect came out, I saw some references to "Hikaru Walter Sulu."
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