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Re: At the end of Apocalypse Now...

^ Yeah, I think ambiguity was the intent. The version of the movie I "grew up with" ended with the Kurtz compound destroyed in many slow-motion explosions. I always assumed that was Willard's airstrike, but apparently that was not Coppola's intention; he meant it as something more abstract and cut that ending from further releases.

I think Lance had lost his mind, I don't think he had much of a future.

For Willard, I think his faith in everything had been shattered; whether he stayed in the army, went home or whatever, he had a long way to go to feel like he "fit" in the world. I think the ambiguous ending for him is good in that way.

FWIW, Marlow went home and spared Kurtz's fiancee the gory details, but he also gave a reporter the full story.


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