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Star Trek will be out of date soon!

In a decade or so Star Trek will be woefully out-of-date and its already on the borderline of being out-of-date. Technology we use today is oddly absent in our Trek future because the core of Trek is still based on the 60s template. In 10 years we will have wearable computers/augmented reality/ultra smartphones and god knows what else, people are going to wonder wtf happened to our future where they appear to be stuck in a pre-Apple era!! It is supposed to be the future! Warp drive and automatic doors only are not going to fool people for much longer

Is it possible to adapt Star Trek or will this generation and the next generation simply stop watching it because its seems so dated?

I dont think Trek will ever be able to return to TV without some form of radical reboot that brings it up to speed. It may be better to keep it as a movie franchise and hide this 'dated future' behind lots of action and special effects.

Will this happen or will Trek adapt somehow?
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