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Re: VOY Caption This 98; Con and Conditionality

Thanks for the win!

Lieutenant Vilix'pran reporting for duty. I'm afraid I'm budding again.

Yeah that's right, I'm Captain Janeway's top negotiator every time she has to deal with a dangerous species that might kill her--- oh, now I get why I got the job.

After successfully providing Ensign Vorik with a holographic mate, I took the liberty of programing you one too Captain. He's waiting for you on holodeck two.

TV seven? Aren't you a little more sophisticated than that.
Seven: Your taunting is irrelevant. I shall assimilate all information on the Sopranos.

I wish the Voyager writers remembered we're supposed to self-destruct when we die. That sure would beat sitting here, slowly decaying over the years and I swear that vulture is chewing on my genitals.
"I was never a Star Trek fan." J.J. Abrams
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