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VOY Caption This 98; Con and Conditionality

The weekend starts here with the latest caption contest!!!

Our winners are...

Antni wrote: View Post

Chakotay: you ready Kathryn? We're already late.
Janeway: yeah just this last body to cremate then I'm all yours.

Triskelion wrote: View Post

Kellin: I'm on a Talaxian diet.
Chakotay: You only eat Leola root?
Kellin: I only eat Talaxians.
Chakotay: You're a week too late.

LeadHead wrote: View Post

B'Elanna: And so then, I reprogrammed your father to not speak at the dinner table ever again.

Wife and Children: THANK YOU!

Finn wrote: View Post

B'Elanna: Why do I smell lube on this pillow?

Tom: (OS) Sorry, I was working on the Camaro in the holodeck before coming home last night.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

PARIS: So I replicated a Risan horgon, and showed it to Seven, and she took it completely the wrong way.
And now the special award:

R. Star wrote: View Post

EMH: What do you think of my family?
Torres: Your wife sets women's rights back 400 years, your son is going to grow up used to the feeling of daily wedgies and your daughter just makes me want to hurl.
AND, as a bonus we have an 'on theme' award, the theme being 'sense and sensibility'.

Triskelion wrote: View Post

We were hoping you'd promote one of us to First Officer. Look how wooden we can be!



Our theme is con and conditionality, I'm too tired to explain myself so here's five more pictures below for you to get your captioning mitts on!

Also up for grabs is a 'on theme' award (and next time I'll provide a nice little picture for this award...).

Next caption contest is on the 18th of January!

Have fun!
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