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Re: Why wasn't Naomi more socially maladjusted?

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You don't think Icheb is her type? I do.
They so hooked up in Shattered.

It was end of the world.

Chakotay was going to kill them.

Erased from existence.

And they didn't at least trade hand jobs before time caught up with them?

It's really amazing that Seska was the only person who didn't want to be executed by the Indian, and it wasn't because she was trying to save her baby?

Actually why didn't Chakotay gut her and take the kid?

At that point in time, before our favourite Spoonhead found out Kullah was the father, who was more than willing to raise Chakotays child as his own, even if he wanted to make a rug out of Chuckles backfat and love handles... But as long as they believed that child was Chakotays, then that child was his and he should have rescued it; even if he knew it wasn't because at the exact point in time, the temporally native Chakotay had committed to raising his son in some manner, and just because it was really Kullah's kid, that only makes Chakotay hypocritical to not raise another man's son who would raise his.

Meanwhile if Chakotay had brought back Old Icheb and Old Naomi...Young Icheb is probably still old enough to date her. Because Young Icheb might not think it efficent to wait for his Naomi to grow up when there's a delightfully servicable version ready and waiting if he can just convince her to be willing...

Unless the time cops don't show up and integrate the Ichebs and Naomis?
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