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This one bugs me..

# is a pound sign, Not "hashtag",
Bugs me, too!

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Hubby got diagnosed diabetic recently. When he lost 10 pounds, his stupid number went up by 10! Yeah, he can improve his diet and exercise. And me with all my health issues, my number stays under 90. Genetics plays a big part--diabetes runs in his family, not mine, yet his family lives to their 80s and even 90s.
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^Type 2, I'm guessing? I wish people would specify.

A 10 point raise in blood sugar level as measured in mg/dl the (US), and not mmol/L (A1C and the rest of the world), is just as likely to be variance in the meter as it is in the actual blood sugar level. A 10 point raise in mmol/L would be very unlikely and mean certain hospitalization or death. 10 points variance in mg/dl is normal in healthy people, I wouldn't think much of it.

I'm assuming Type 2, since it's recent though he has been tending that way for 10 years or so. Then his number went over the limit. I think he's about 140.

He's trying. Shoot, he's a pharmacist, he knows what's what.
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