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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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Just push back on the urge to be so inclusive with the Hall of Fame. Supposed to be the best of the best, not the Hall of Very Good, nice players. Being decent for a long time is great, but is it Hall of Fame worthy? I'd come down on the side of NO.

Doen't mean I think they suck, and that they weren't great players, good for their teams,etc. Just not the best of all time.
Right. If we put every hitter who was better than Tommy McCarthy or Jim Rice, every pitcher who was better than Jesse Haines or Waite Hoyt, and every executive who was better than Bowie Kuhn in the Hall of Fame, there would be a thousand people in there. When you reach that point, it becomes really hard to parse the difference between guys as you start lowering the line, because there are more players at each level as the quality gets closer to average. Then you're going to make even more mistakes and eventually Denny Neagle is in the Hall and my head explodes.
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