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Re: Why wasn't Naomi more socially maladjusted?

She'll come out the other end intolerant of unambitious, time wasting peers. Her curiosity of what she missed out on will be quickly satisfied and she will deem her own childhood extraordinary. I think she's quite self contained and naturally given to a life of the intellect and I can't see that she would turn out dramatically different had she been raised on earth. I don't think it's completely applicable to the military as Voyager is a tight knit community rather than a shifting transient population.

She made friends with the Borg children fine.. I think once on Earth she will naturally seek out peers who have lived different sorts of lives. It will be hard for her to relate to those who have never been in space. She's going to be looking for people like Jake and Nog to hang out with and people like Icheb to be friends with.

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