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Re: whatever happened to these characters?

Commander Giotto is a viewpoint character in A Choice of Catastrophes, which happens in late season 2. One draft had a comment that it was a rare landing party for him, but I feel like that got cut in the editing. He was fun to write, especially in his interactions with Chekov.

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Actually, are TOS books consistent in their presentation of the crew seen onscreen in various positions (other than commonly used figures like M'Benga)?
Not really. They've been given inconsistent first names in various works, when they've been used at all. In Forgotten History I tried to be consistent with other recent works like A Choice of Catastrophes, but there are still some contradictions among recent works; for instance, both I and ACoC give DeSalle's first name as Vincent, as did The Star Trek Concordance (presumably taken from a script), but The Sorrows of Empire gives Mirror DeSalle's first name as Michael (from the actor who played him). I tried to fudge it by calling him Vincent M. DeSalle in FH, suggesting that the Mirror version went by his middle name.

Even M'Benga hasn't been portrayed consistently; Vanguard called him Jabilo M'Benga, ignoring the precedent of '80s novels that called him Geoffrey.
If there was a preexisting first name for a character that appeared on screen without one, Michael and I tried to use it, no matter the source.

Both A Choice of Catastrophes and The Tears of Eridanus call M'Benga "Jabilo Geoffrey M'Benga."
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