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Re: live-actionTV "Star Wars: Underworld" development - channel

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Other than the Disney channel does the Entertainment giant own any other cable channels? Is it just ABC and Disney Channel?
target demographic Pre-schoolers

Playhouse Disney
Disney Junior

target demographic Elementary schoolers

ABC Kids
Disney XD

target demographic Middle and high schoolers/families

ABC Kids
Disney Channel
ABC News+
Eyewitness News Channel
ESPN Classic

target demographic Adults

ABC Family

they could go with Disney Channel or ABC Family if they really want to raise up those channels in 5-10 years. Television could be a somewhat different marketplace by then. Disney just signed an exclusive agreement with Netflix for movies.

of note:
Netflix subscribers will also get to see Lucasfilm’s Star Wars franchise, which Disney acquired earlier this year. While the next Star Wars release is set for 2015 and Starz will have the rights, all films released thereafter will be available on Netflix.

Disney's shows and movies are currently aired on Starz network but starting in 2016, only Netflix's subscribers can watch Disney's titles from Walt Disney Animation, Marvel, Pixar and Disneynature on their TV's, computers, phones and tablets. Netflix will also have Pay-TV rights over new Dreamworks releases from 2013 onward.

Disney could be laying the groundwork for the next SW TV series streaming on Netflix.
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