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Re: Obesity linked to a gut bacteria

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No, it isn't.

I have two close friends who are overweight through no fault of their own, who cannot lose significant weight no matter what they do.

And they have been to doctors, dieticians, tried everything and anything short of surgery for more than ten years now and it is very much a genetic problem they cannot shake.
Well, I think one of the problems is that doctors are usually a bunch of morons when it comes to weight loss.

Really it's a matter of physics and biology.

The formula to lose weight is: Burn more calories than you eat per day.

It is almost impossible to not lose weight by following that. It's simple physics and biology (and math).

Are your friends men or women?
This is simply wrong. You do realize there are medical conditions that prevent normal weight loss, or cause weight gain no matter how little you eat?
Yes I know there are conditions. Hypothyroidism for one. If a doctor has diagnosed this as being the condition, then why doesn't he prescribe medication to correct it?

From my personal experience, doctors tend to take the safest routes to treatment. So if an obese person has a genuinely medical condition, the doctor will likely inform the patient but won't offer medications, rather will suggest the same old rhetoric (eat more veggies, don't eat junk food or red meats, etc).

Another thing is that doctors may be genuinely afraid to tell people to just put some fucking effort and get into a gym, because the patients might be highly insulted and put in a formal complaint against them. So it's easier just to humor the patient and let them continue to be obese.

In extreme cases, gastric bypass surgeries and such can be done. I remember when I tore my tendon. The doctors did not actively help me. I had to research EVERYTHING and basically tell them what I needed, and had to push for a surgery they didn't want to do. Why? Because they rather just let me stay a cripple than have to do actual work? I have no idea. I'm almost back to normal now, but if I had just trusted in "doctor knows best" I'd still be a cripple right now.
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