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Re: can the star trek animated series be reanimated?

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I think I remember their Lone Ranger and Tarzan series from around 1980, if those were indeed by Filmation. Pretty good animation by the standards of the time.
Yes, those were Filmation's work. Tarzan was from a few years earlier, but was still on the air as part of the same block as The Lone Ranger in '80 plus Zorro in '81. By that time, Filmation was using more elaborate techniques like rotoscoping; instead of just reusing static poses, they had more dynamic action sequences that they reused over and over. This was still the case when He-Man and She-Ra came along a few years later, though by that point the original Filmation composers had left.

Most Filmation shows are on DVD now, but unfortunately their Tarzan isn't, because Disney holds the DVD rights to Tarzan in animation and they didn't want the Filmation show competing with theirs, or something. Which is a shame, because Filmation's Tarzan was one of the most authentic adaptations of the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels that's ever been done -- quite possibly the most authentic one ever done for television, aside from the toned-down violence.
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