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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Soul Mates - This was an awesome episode, one of my favorite episodes so far (and not surprising, its a Londo episode, and written by Peter david, one of my favorite writers). Londo's wifes were great, and I liked how he chose which one to keep in the end. The delenn/Ivanova thing was pretty funny. The shady telepath stuff was also interesting, although having the empath force emotions on people reminded me of the DS9 episode were Luxana Troi had everyone acting weird because of some condition
This episode gave me one of my favorite Peter David stories. He told it to me, conspiratorially, at Dragon*Con a few years back. It seems he was on the set during the feeling, and Jane Carr (Timov), a few days into the filming, found him in a quiet corner. She then confronted him over the character's name, asking/screaming "Did you know Timov is vomit backwards?" He then told her that yes, it was on purpose. She nodded and went back to filming.
"Sorry. Wrong movie, buddy."
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