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I've always dubbed Voyager the most disappointing of all the Trek series. That doesn't mean it was the worst, but that it could have been so much more. They had ALL the pieces there for some dramatic storytelling with the divided crew, the generational ship, new and unique aliens to encounter. I went into Voyager hyped and excited, wanting this to be the greatest Trek series of all time. So yes, as it was presented I did find it wanting.

To the Borg... I like to describe this as the water down effect. The bad guy starts out threatening then gets watered down enough so the good guys can deal with them. In TNG, the Borg were so bad, they wiped out a whole fleet without a scratch. By the time we get to Voyager, they can routinely engage the Borg without any harm, and I won't even get into the absurdity of turning on Godmode that was in Endgame. You can't have the good guys routinely foiling them every week before you stop taking them seriously as a threat. This happened with the Q too, devolving into a dysfunctional sitcom family during Voyager's run. Even DS9 did this with the Jem'Hadar to a smaller extent.

And jpch... we get that you like Voyager. That's great. Just because we're discussing it's flaws doesn't mean we're "hating" on it. If you can't "tolerate" a differing opinion than yours, a discussion board may not be the place for you. That's what we do here... discuss things.
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