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Re: What happened to 'time travel at will'/slingshotting?

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I thought they turned that cloaking device over to the Feds. I thought that was the whole point.

As for Post TNG eps where a crew was stuck after time-travelling. I was also thinking of the Bozeman, but the circumstances of their arrival is so damn confusing...and seems to be a predestination one as the universe doesn't change ala' "Yesterday's Enterprise"...sending them back would probably be too dangerous.
Actually the situation in "Cause and Effect" is quite simple compared to "Yesterday's Enterprise." In YE, the "main" timeline turned out the way it did because the Enterprise-C's time travel was two-way -- they were taken into the future, saw how it turned out as a result of their disappearance at Narendra III, and went back again to defend the Klingon colony and thus avert the war, leading to the history we know. The situation in C&E is nothing more than the Bozeman effectively being stuck in stasis for 90 years and then coming out of it. It's not really time travel, more an elaborate form of time dilation. It was effectively a one-way trip as far as the rest of the universe was concerned, so there was no alteration of history; there was just the single history where the Bozeman disappeared in 2278 and reappeared in 2368.
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