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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Soul Mates - This was an awesome episode, one of my favorite episodes so far (and not surprising, its a Londo episode, and written by Peter david, one of my favorite writers). Londo's wifes were great, and I liked how he chose which one to keep in the end. The delenn/Ivanova thing was pretty funny. The shady telepath stuff was also interesting, although having the empath force emotions on people reminded me of the DS9 episode were Luxana Troi had everyone acting weird because of some condition

A Race Through Dark places - It was nice to see koenig back. He plays Bester well. While I liked this episode, I had a few problems with it. Sheridan is the commander of B5, an important role on an important station. The rent thing was idiotic. I don't care if space is at a premium, he's military, a government employee who runs the station, he's entitled to having rent free quarters that are bigger than normal. It was kind of a funny subplot, but it also didn;t really make sense, even for a government as inept as the earth government in B5. After seeing this episode, I really want to see the Psi Corps get taken down. How many horrible things can this organization now be charged with? They've committed murder, rape, mind control (its atleast implied, plus what the empath was doing), torture, illegal human experimentation and more. I bet its going to come back to them eventually. The underground railroad was interesting. The Doctor being involved has raised my opinion of him, although he is still annoying. I like how his free clinic from last season tied into this operation.

The Coming of Shadows - The emperor was an interesting character. The fact that he was sorry about what his people had done was sefinately different. Londo really screwed up this time, which I knew was coming. We finally get to see a bit of sinclair this season, and he's acting really weird and mysterious, and not really in a good way. You can go too far with building mystery and suspense. Sinclair, with his "rangers" and talking about staying close to Kosh, and about Vorlons being important, really toed the line between being interesting and being stupidly mysterious. He managed to stay interesting, but they are really shoving all this mystery down the viewers throats, it definately needs to start paying off. That said, I'm still enjoying the series a lot, and this was a good episode.
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