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Re: David Mack teases The Fall: A Ceremony of Loses

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also i love the nod to the German embassy of the early twentieth century, and how she has Garak refer to it:

When I took up residence here, I took the trouble to investigate the history of the place. It turned out to have once been the embassy of a military dictatorship whose name is synonymous with cruelty, aggression, and sheer brutality of the most unspeakable kind. Someone at the Federation Diplomatic Corps went out of their way to calculate that insult so finely. I was quite flattered; Im sure not everyone earns such particular attention. Besides, its a remarkable building and a magnificent city.
I loved that too, also, as a reader with a more intimate knowledge of Earth than Garak, we could see that the Diplomatic Corps could have been giving Garak hints about how Cardassia could develop, considering what a great place Germany has become.

I like the way Garak is generally used in the novels currently; he'll get one, maybe two pages, but they're usually the best bits of the book.
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