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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

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I have a library book that was due 24 years ago. A friend of mine borrowed it and then left it at my house. Every now and then I show it to her and we laugh like idiots. It's a photo book about Bhutan.
Whenever I hear something like this, I immediately think of Mr. Bookman from the library book episode of Seinfeld. Don't be surprised if one day a library detective knocks on your door!

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In college, I used to go back out to my car to eat lunch. Sometimes it would be a good three quarters of a mile walk to where I parked, but I didn't care. I just liked the feeling of crushing peoples hopes of finding a parking spot. That look of utter disappointment when they realized I wasn't leaving...It felt so good.

The fact that I myself had to wait for an hour to find that spot made it all the sweeter.
That really is obnoxious. Why? Because you don't know who you're spiting (might even be a friend or possible love interest). And just how long does the good feeling last? I imagine not too long. What happened? Did someone do this to you once and you're obsessed with getting revenge?

I only bring this up because I've been on the other end of that a few times. I pull up to a spot where I saw someone get into their car. As soon as they see me waiting with my signal on, it's like they shift into slow motion. Then with the engine and lights on, they go to the back of the car, pop the trunk and rummage around in it for a bit, pretending to "adjust" their bags. The telltale sign was the smirk flashed as they closed the trunk and slowly sauntered back into the car. Not a friendly smile. A smug grin that telegraphed "heh, I'm making you wait and it feels so good." And they don't even know me. Just blatant anonymous hostility. Sickening.
Remembering Ensign Mallory.
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