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Re: can the star trek animated series be reanimated?

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If anything, I'd rather have the incidental music redone than the animation. There seemed to be so few cues they had to choose from.
I love that music, but I wouldn't mind hearing it supplemented with music the same composers did for later Filmation shows like Space Academy, Jason of Star Command, Flash Gordon, and Blackstar.

Sometimes I wish that Filmation had gotten the rights to do a second animated Trek series in 1980, something following up on TMP and using its designs. It wouldn't be the first time Filmation had revisited the same franchise; they did one Batman series in '67 and another one a decade later (this time with Adam West and Burt Ward), and in the '80s they made some lame attempts at reviving their live-action superhero shows Shazam and Isis in animated form. But generally the quality of their animation in the late '70s and early '80s was considerably better than it had been when they'd made TAS in '73-'74, and the music had gotten richer and more impressive. And it would've been nice to get some more TMP-era adventures. An animated show could've done a lot with the alien crew members only glimpsed in the movie.
I think I remember their Lone Ranger and Tarzan series from around 1980, if those were indeed by Filmation. Pretty good animation by the standards of the time.
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