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Re: live-actionTV "Star Wars: Underworld" -Info, Pics, Rumors, Casting

If the live action TV series ever sees the light of day, it's very unlikely to have any resemblance to Deadwood. Disney owns the brand now, there's zero chance that they will allow the brand to be dragged that far away from the family-friendly image that they will want to maintain.

EW noted that merchandising is a big part of the equation, that means selling toys to kids, so it's gotta be something kids can watch. Disney might go for something that hits the tone of Once Upon a Time, that parents and kids can watch together.

One of the writers on that show is a big Star Wars fan and there was an episode that basically retold Anakin's story (except now he was called Rumplestiltskin) and did a better job of it in one hour than the prequels did in six. There're your showrunner.
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