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Re: Current novels set in the TV time-frame?

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It was reading those threads and being a little unfamiliar with the "relaunch-verse" that got me wondering; are there still novels being written about events within the time-frame of the television shows?
Only in TOS, for the most part. Books set during the other series have come along intermittently in recent years, but there's nothing currently on the schedule. Although you could count something like my DTI: Watching the Clock, which had flashback chapters covering various time-travel episodes of the three 24th-century shows, or the earlier The Never-Ending Sacrifice, which tells a story paralleling events in the DS9 series and novel relaunch.

Whilst I'm on the subject, why the big need for continuity in the novel-verse anyway? Other "franchises" such as Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes or Batman are constantly re-imagined - that makes them timeless.
And Trek Lit has been reimagined too. There was an inter-novel continuity emerging in the '80s, but it got scuttled when TNG came along and contradicted a lot of its core assumptions, and the books were without continuity through the '90s. New inter-novel continuity began to become widespread around 2000, and it's grown from there, not as some kind of mandate but just because it was what the authors and editors wanted to do, and because a lot of the audience responded positively to it. But there's always been room for books that weren't part of the main continuity, like the William Shatner novels or the Crucible trilogy.
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