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Re: David Mack teases The Fall: A Ceremony of Loses

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I really didn't like ZSG. Out of those first four TP novels I only liked Rough Beasts and Paths Of Disharmony.

I wasn't as blown away by Destiny as everyone else, although it did get me back into Treklit.

What did convince me about Mr Mack was the excellent Cold Equations trilogy - truly outstanding ! Looking forward to this one...
I'm not all that keen on Destiny, myself, honestly. I certainly don't think it's the best thing that David Mack's ever written. I'll see if Cold Equations will take that moniker when I get to it. At this rate, that'll be sometime next week.

But what "convinced" me about David Mack was "Twilight's Wrath," and then Harbinger.
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