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Re: Obesity linked to a gut bacteria

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Or it could be because people eat too much, or the wrong foods and dont exercise..yeah that too.

That is empirically not the case for everyone who is obese. How many people are obese primarily due to overeating and lack of exercise is, of course, up for debate.
I'll give you my take.

There are a lot of environmental reasons why people are obese. However, it is within the grasp of everyone who wants to lose weight to do so.

Not everyone can be ripped at 7% bodyfat year round, but most people can get to normal weights, even if on the high of normal?

If I remember correctly, as a general rule, a man over 20% bf is starting to become overweight. However, obesity doesn't really kick in until the guy is 30%+ bf.

Some obese people are easily over 50%. That is nuts! that means half the weight you are carrying is just extra fat that you don't need.

If an obese person subceptible to negative external factors made a bit of effort, while it would be very hard for them to become lean, they could at least get into the 20-30% range and would make a huge difference to their health and lifestyle.
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