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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Indistinguishable from Magic was, unfortunately, indistinguishable from fanfic.
Because of the small universe syndrome (the crew, the son finding his mother's fate), or was there anything else, too? Just curious.
I didn't mind the overall plot at all, and I like most, if not all of the characters involved. I can deal with small universe syndrome. It's a Trek staple, after all. But this went beyond that into full-fledged continuity porn territory.

But still, I could've dealt with all that, if the characters had been, well, in character. Their voices were almost all wrong, all the time. The dialogue wasn't good at all, and the prose was quite awkward in a lot of places.

I say all this in comparison to the standards of writing established by the average Trek novel of the recent years. It was decidedly amateurish.

Still and all, it was at least a little better than anything that, say, Susan Wright ever committed to text. Her books made my eyes bleed.
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