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Current novels set in the TV time-frame?

I finished reading Indistinguishable From Magic yesterday. Excellent book. I liked that the author tried to incorporate a bit of hard sci-fi. And although it may come across as "fan-wankery" to some, I liked that there were alot of characters we're familiar with - it allowed me to better imagine how they were saying things, tones and looks. I will ignore the terrible editing, although it sometimes took me out of the story - one minute The Controller was a "he" the next a "she" - and some terrible spelling, but that was down to the editor not the author.

Sorry. Never meant for this to turn into a review. I realise there are pre-existing threads for that. It was reading those threads and being a little unfamiliar with the "relaunch-verse" that got me wondering; are there still novels being written about events within the time-frame of the television shows? There seemed to be a huge outcry in the review threads that events in this novel were subsequently forgotten about or explained away (Geordi's promotion for example). The relaunch-verse is a little complicated for those not in the know (why is Romulus still there? What is the Typhon Pact?) and I wouldn't mind reading about an adventure that took place between The Next Phase and I, Borg or Symbiosis and Skin of Evil. There are hundreds of interesting stories that can be told within that timeframe.

Whilst I'm on the subject, why the big need for continuity in the novel-verse anyway? Other "franchises" such as Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes or Batman are constantly re-imagined - that makes them timeless. It is the charaters that matter. It doesn't matter if Barclay is "supposed to be in the Delta quadrant", for the purposes of this novel, he's not!

Sorry, I realise I've rambled a little. The "Trek Literature" board seems a very tight-knit and sensible community. I'm interested to hear your thoughts about my thoughts.
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