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Re: What happened to 'time travel at will'/slingshotting?

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. I was also thinking of the Bozeman, but the circumstances of their arrival is so damn confusing...and seems to be a predestination one as the universe doesn't change ala' "Yesterday's Enterprise"...sending them back would probably be too dangerous.
Who says the Bozeman wasn't sent back eventually?
I got the impression that they would not have sent the Bozeman back unless there was a critical need to do so, like say a war with the Klingons that put the Federation on the losing end ala the Enterprise-C.

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That way, only certain knowledgeable people like Spock or Scotty could modify the BOP engines to do the same thing while other ships don't have this ability.
So the mission to observe Earth in the 1960s was so super-secret that not even all that many in Starfleet were told of it?

Sounds a bit dubious, when we think how unimportant that mission appeared. Our heroes didn't exactly achieve anything they could plausibly have set out to achieve - they just had random adventures in the past. Why study the 1960s?
They had cited a reason for the 1960s trip and it is entirely possible there were other missions carried out by other ships. And let us not forget about anyone stationed at the Guardian of Time could act as sentries for detecting major timeline changes.

But, what I was getting at based on Mytran's post was the idea that a ship must be modified in some way like with a unique intermix formula to be able to time travel otherwise we'd have lots of random cases where ships that got too close to a star and pulled away shot back (or forward) in time.

The knowledge that time travel is possible likely existed in TOS but the actual knowledge on how to do so probably was limited to a select few.
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