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Re: Security Chief Kim...really?

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Nevermind the fact that people don't just "fully integrate" at the snap of a finger, or that the Maquis shouldn't be so eager to warp home in a 9.975 prison bus, but if you're arguing that the Maquis shouldn't need to be a major plot point, why did you try defending the fact that they were?
No,what i am saying is that the first 2 seasons the Maquis/Kazon/Vidiians were the biggest part of Voyagers problems,i am defending the point that the Maquis were there and had a few episodes...and it was not a prison bus they all had the same privileges as the other star fleet officers.
Well I addressed the "few episodes" and fully integrating point in my previous posts if you'd like to look over them again, so no point in repeating myself.

To the prison bus comment, they are terrorists. That's what Janeway was doing in the Badlands, hunting terrorists. If they got back in Caretaker, they would've all been escorted to prison cells.

So yes, not only are they going back to the Federation where arrest awaits them, but they get the honor of driving their own prison bus there because Warden Janeway needs a few extra hands?

Now you can argue they wanted to get back because of the Maquis cause itself... except this is never mentioned at all by any of the Maquis characters. Heck most of them are advocating settling down when the oppurtunity knocks. Which definitely makes a lot of sense -after- the Maquis find out the Dominion killed everyone they care about. It might have been interesting to hear them planning a mutiny when they get closer to home, so they can use their ship to help the Maquis, then scrap these plans as they find out what did really happen, but we never saw any actual depth like that.

They Maquis were just used in a very half-ass manner in Voyager, which is weak considering the divided crew as supposed to be one of the show's main premises.
Well i also think that we did not get enough Borg episodes,i wanted more,i wanted the Queen to slap Janeway and have a catfight but it did not happen and that ruins the fact that Voyager is stuck in the Delta Quadrant home of the Borg...this is exactly what you people are saying
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