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Re: Monarchy within the Federation.

RPJOB wrote: View Post
... if it's just the council or if there's a larger body like the General Assembly of the UN

T'Pau was said to have turned down a seat ...
The way it was said, T'Pau turning down the seat was a unpresidented move. More than her simply being offered the seat and saying no thanks. if only a select few from the general assemblage are offered seat on the upper council, with the original founders having the offer as a given, then T'Pau's refusial to move from the general assemblage up to the upper council might have been shocking. Maybe the only time Vulcan was never on the upper council in the Federation's history.

Timo wrote: View Post
Ardana was already a member; Bajor was undergoing a selection process. Only the latter situation would allow for the sort of blackmail that makes democracy work.
Once Ardana was in, there wouldn't have been much the Federation could do, especially if the individual members are in fact sovereign entities. Ultimately the only thing the Federation could do is expell Ardana. The same thing with Bajor, if admitted with a caste system in place, there's nothing the Federation could do after the admission was a done deal, except expell them.

the general dissatisfaction of the Troglytes in their lot, is also a recent development?
Or only amongst the Disrupter group and their little band of supporters. The Disrupters could be a minority political movement.

the zenite gas exposure and its related woes are new things, too.
Extracting zenite by way of mining using mine shafts might be a new method. If up until resently, zenite was extracted though open pits and strip mining (in the open air) the problem with the gas would not have been a problem.

The Trogs' who work the shafts underground might have been considered by the majority of the above ground Trogs' as the lowest of the low, the dreggs of the larger Trog' society.

zenite is only found on Ardana and nowhere else - yet the Stratosians keep none of the stuff in stock
Perhaps it has a short shelf life. Once out of the ground it "decays."

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