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Re: Fringe 5x11 - "The Boy Must Live" (Discussion, Spoilers)

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But I do have the feeling that it'll be pretty good. At least I'm hoping.
Hopefully the final three hours will be better than the rest of the season. There were some exciting moments, but so far I've found most of the first ten episodes kinda on the lackluster side.
Sadly, this has been my general impression so far as well. There have been some exciting moments, and the last couple with the kid have kicked things up a notch, but overall THE FINAL SEASON hasn't been as grand as I expected. I've been especially disappointed with Oliva's role this season; she's almost seemed like a side character. I anticipate the final three episodes will be more Fringe-worthy and wrap the series up in a satisfying way, watching it all at once without hiatuses & commercial breaks.

That said, I'll definitely be getting the season on DVD/Blu to complete my collection, and it will possibly play better that way.
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