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Re: David Mack teases The Fall: A Ceremony of Loses

^ ZSG may not have been my favorite Typhon Pact book, but that had more to do with the characters involved than anything else. It was the first DS9 story I'd read since before Unity that didn't seem to move at an overly frenetic pace, so I definitely get what Cicero is saying.

I understand the desire to have "big events," as those attract attention and sell more books. But at the same time, especially in the case of the DS9 Relaunch, it seems to have prevented the story from evolving more organically.

Stuff like that's been going on in the comic book industry to one degree or another for the past couple of decades. Big crossovers, radical changes to characters, all to drive sales, and it's led to "event fatigue."

I was definitely feeling fatigued by the time Destiny came out, which is why I put off reading it and Typhon Pact for so long.
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