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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

I'm not really seeing that the "corner kiosk" setup would necessarily have to protrude into the corridor, at least as far as these screen captures are concerned. In the LTBYLB shot with Bele on the platform, the kiosk angles do not conform to the blueprint at all. The apex, for example, clearly points between the two frontmost transport pads, the kiosk base (as in the base of a triangle) is on an angle to the outer walls (like a corner cabinet), and the back wall of the room itself is not much worse than a 90-degree angle with the doorway wall; perhaps 100 or 110 degrees.

The blueprint, on the other hand, shows the kiosk's base flush against the doorway wall and its apex pointing directly at the far wall. However, this does not match what we see in the Bele image [delete]or in either of the two AE shots[/delete]. I don't know if the blueprint is actual or conjectural, but it is not a good representation of these visual references, so if the transport chamber did in fact violate the corridor space during filming, I would be interested in some corroboration.

Hmm, I wonder if the blueprint was the intended setup, but when it came time for the set redress, somebody decided to not break down the corridor and instead just re-angled the kiosk and moveable rear room wall to fit the available space. There are some very odd angles apparent in that Bele shot, supporting the idea of an on-the-fly "just make it fit" solution.

UPDATE: I see now that the kiosk angles are different between AW and LTBYLB. If you look at the angle between the kiosk and the wall it shares with the door, the angle is acute in the Bele shot but obtuse in the AE shots. I now speculate that for AE they may have done as the blueprint suggested, and then when they wanted to use the science console again for LTBYLB they either didn't want to, or couldn't, break down the corridor again, likely because the unusual reverse camera angle from the platform required a much longer (temporary) back wall to be put up than was normally seen. (The temporary nature of the wall is suggested by how it atypically mates directly to the floor.)

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