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Re: Episode of the Week: Skin of Evil

A pretty solid episode with a memorable villain and some good tense direction and some fantastic chances for the cast to show how they've developed over the year.

They don't quite have the bravery to follow through on their intent with Tasha's death. It's supposed to be brutal and harsh and sudden and- as she says herself when she "Comes back"- meaningless. Which is well done, but the final funeral scene somewhat undoes this attempt at small scale realism by having her ghost float down from heaven (or if you want to be mean about the production values, Tellytubie land) and give a great big seemingly endless goodbye speech.

Oddly enough, I think Data's wake in Nemesis (in one of the few good bits of that film) did what they were aiming for much better. The slightly stunned, awkward small talk would have felt much more real and human here.

Though in both cases you've got to feel sorry that neither character apparently has any other friends outside the main cast who could be bothered to turn up.
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