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Re: Security Chief Kim...really?

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Even for the sake of argument, if all those 17 episode were about the Maquis, that's 17 out of 172. Ten percent. So that means for 90% of the show they're virtually ignored.

In reality it's more, how much is subject to opinion. Guy and I came up with similar, though slightly different conclusions, but hey.
as i already said,its illogical to keep focusing on the are in a new quadrant filled with new species,planets etc to explore and after 2 or 3 years the Maquis adapted to life on Voyager and became fully integrated and focusing on a single goal and that is getting home.
Nevermind the fact that people don't just "fully integrate" at the snap of a finger, or that the Maquis shouldn't be so eager to warp home in a 9.975 prison bus, but if you're arguing that the Maquis shouldn't need to be a major plot point, why did you try defending the fact that they were?
No,what i am saying is that the first 2 seasons the Maquis/Kazon/Vidiians were the biggest part of Voyagers problems,i am defending the point that the Maquis were there and had a few episodes...and it was not a prison bus they all had the same privileges as the other star fleet officers.
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